The Wrong Biennale

  • Guadalupe Álvarez
  • José Casanova
  • Leandro Garber
  • Alma Laprida
  • Flav Laudado
  • Germán Gonzalo Magnaghi
  • Pehuén Rodríguez
  • Mauro Santopietro
  • Alejandro Suárez Pryjmaczuk
  • Francisco Tripodi
  • Ignacio Vizcarra

Curated by Ignacio Guerra

Sueño de fin de año

Alma Laprida

José Casanova

de tres miradas

Ignacio Vizcarra

Dynamic composition of microframes based on experimental eye-tracking data. Work carried out at the Laboratory of Electronic Art and Artificial Intelligence - Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

Guadalupe Álvarez

Digital-photographic essay developed from moving images. Different fragments of frames extracted from personal archive videos build temporarily expanded still images.

Alejandro Suárez Pryjmaczuk, Pehuén Rodríguez

Mauro Santopietro

VR Android APP version: Download APK

Leandro Garber

Generative illustrations

Germán Gonzalo Magnaghi

Musical composition with live audio feed from the control tower of the (AEP) Jorge Newbery International Airport. Made in collaboration with Paulo Brenko. Author and interpreter of the soundtrack: Remis Espacial

Flav Laudado

Francisco Tripodi